Housebreaking/Potty Training A Puppy

A puppy is like a baby at the start of housebreaking/potty training.  He or she has little or no awareness of bodily functions. New puppy owners should be advised of their puppies developmental stages. Potty Time Chimes is a DVD system that will have your puppy potty trained in no time.

Housebreaking/potty training should last no more than 8 weeks.  The first training period usually begins when the puppy starts to walk away from the mother.  This is when responsible dog breeders begin teaching puppies paper training. Indoor dog breeders and new puppy owners will need a waterproof floor.

Dog breeders new puppy owners housebreaking/potty training a puppy should praise a puppy when it uses the newspaper and not the floor.  Soon, the dog breeder can release the puppy to other areas of the house.  At this time, as a dog breeder new puppy owner catches a puppy as it starts to relieve itself on the floor, they quickly put the puppy on the newspaper saying “no” in a stern voice.  In a short time, the puppy will return to the paper when it needs to relieve itself.

During weaning, as he or she grows, time between elimination gradually increases.  The new puppy  owner or dog breeder should expect that he or she will need to eliminate first thing in the morning, last thing before bedtime, right after each meal and after naps.

When outdoor training begins, a fenced in yard is preferrable.  A dog breeder or new puppy owner should  let the puppy back in immediately after elimination to ensure the puppy realizes why it was let out.

House breaking aids and odor eliminators are available.  Disposable, anti-bacterial puppy housebreaking/potty training pads are useful for training and are available with odor eliminators.  Outdoor housebreaking aids, such as pheromone treated stakes to direct a puppy where to go, are also available.  In this manner, a new puppy owner can prevent the destruction of his lawn by a new puppy.

Leash walking a puppy too often can lead to accidents.  It is wise to postpone leash training until after housebreaking/potty training has been completed.  If a new puppy owner dog breeder feels that accidents have taken place while they are away, they can purchase an ultra-violet light  to determine where these accidents have occurred.  An ultra-violet light causes urine to flouresce, making it easily visible.  Surface bacteria, including E coli, develop in uric acid and dried urine crystals making proper cleaning mandatory.  These ultra-violet lights were developed for use in hospitals to find urine deposits and assist in the use of odor eliminators.  It is veterinarian recommended to avoid the use of a perfumed chemical to cover odor. Instead, a new puppy owner would be wise to use a cleaner with beneficial bacteria and/or enzymes to permanently remove organic stains and odors.

At first, indoor and outdoor housebreaking/potty training will be a chore, however, within 8 short weeks dog breeders and new puppy owners should know when and where their puppy will go. Also, this is the beginning of  a bond that will last a lifetime.